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3rd EAI International Conference on Machine Learning and Intelligent Communications

July 6–8, 2018 | Hangzhou, People's Republic of China


You are cordially invited to participate in the 3rd EAI International Conference on Machine Learning and Intelligent Communications (MLICOM 2018) to be held in Hangzhou, People's Republic of China on 6 July - 8 July 2018.


MLICOM 2018 is proud to host keynote speakers:


Professor Xuemin Shen, IEEE Fellow, University of Waterloo, Canada
Professor Nei Kato, IEEE Fellow, Tohoku University, Japan
Professor Qinyu Zhang, Awardee of distinguished NSFC, Harbin Institute of Technology, China


Topics are related to the future internet but not limited to:

  • Intelligent cloud-support communications
  • Intelligent spectrum (or resource block) allocation schemes
  • Intelligent energy-aware/green communications
  • Intelligent software defined flexible radios
  • Intelligent cooperative networks
  • Intelligent antennas design and dynamic configuration.
  • Intelligent Massive MIMO communication systems
  • Intelligent positioning and navigation systems
  • Intelligent cooperative/distributed coding
  • Intelligent wireless communications
  • Intelligent wireless sensor networks
  • Intelligent underwater sensor networks
  • Intelligent satellite communications
  • Intelligent radar signal processing
  • Machine learning algorithm & cognitive radio networks
  • Machine learning and information processing in wireless sensor networks
  • Data mining in heterogeneous networks
  • Machine learning for multimedia
  • Machine learning for IoT
  • Decentralized learning for wireless communication systems